Dimitris Gianellos

Dimitris Giannelos was born in Athens. Until 2002 he is a gymnast, competing in horizontal bar and floor. In 2000 he starts attending classes in ballet, contemporary dance and improvisation. In the summer of 2003 he attends the summer school in «Theater of Changes» where he takes classes in acting and monologue. In 2004 he works as a volunteer for the Athens Olympic Games and then begins studying Finance in the University of Thessaly. During the time of his studies, to compensate for the lack of movement, he gets back to gymnastics, and also parkour, rollerblades, roller skating and ice skating.

In 2008 he starts taking classes in design and drawing. In 2010 he starts auditing courses in photography, sculpting and drawing at the Higher School of Fine Arts and since 2012 his works (coal, ink) are featured in collective art exhibitions in Athens and Aegina. The same year he gets his postgraduate degree from the Finances department of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. 
In 2011 he meets Eleftheria Lagoudaki and is introduced to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga on which he focuses. In 2012 he begins, under the supervision of his teacher, to instruct classes the traditional way Ashtanga system is taught (Mysore) as well as led classes, always respecting Ashtanga tradition and each individual student.
He has attended seminars by Radha Warrell and Pierre Seghir, Danny Paradise, Kia Naddermier, Matthew Sweeney, Eddie Stern, Ty Landrum. 
Dimitris is a daily practitioner, delving deeper through the help and supervision of his teacher and through the experience of teaching.

He has obtained Reiki levels I & II.
Since 2010 he has a certificate in Beekeeping and in 2011 he completed the basic circle of studies in Aromatherapy.

Today he lives in Athens where he works as an Ashtanga teacher, painter, and occasionally accountant and cook. 
He only experiments in environments where constant movement is dictated by their nature.

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